Best Gloves for Pruning Roses

21 April 2021  |  Admin

Best Gloves for Pruning Roses


The thorns, spines, and prickles serve the same function: physically deterring animals from eating the plant material, that's why they can be extremely sharp and pierce through your skin.

The skin on your hands and forearms is delicate and easily torn. The thorns will keep digging into your skin which not only hurts but also can become infected.

How to choose the right gloves for rose pruning?

A lightweight material (eg. cotton gloves) may be cool and comfortable, a thinner exterior may allow those rose thorns to rip straight through the glove and to your skin.

Some gloves are made from a combination of Latex and other materials (eg.Bamboo Gardening Gloves). While the Latex, usually found on the palms and fingers, can be thick enough to protect you against roses thorns, the back of the glove is not offering any protection against sharp objects.

What material offer total protection against thorns, spines, and prickles ?

Natural Leather Gloves is an obvious choice for rose gardening gloves.


  • The more you wear your leather gloves, the softer they’ll become
  • The less stiff they become, the easier they'll be able to work with
  • Long lasting - it will take time to break in the gloves
  • Natural leather is great for wicking away moisture from perspiration
  • Over time, your gloves will become custom to the wearer, they will fit perfect


They may cost more than a regular pair of gloves


Cutter CW300 Original Work Gloves

You can use this gloves for everything that your garden may throw at you. The roses thorns are powerless against Cutter CW300 gloves.

This glove is constructed from quality goatskin leather. Thorns won’t be able to penetrate the leather.

You don't need to change the gloves when weeding, planting pots, rose pruning, brambling, moving logs, digging or doing all other gardening activities. They will do the job.

Key Features:

  • Hydrophobic water repellent coating to keep hands dry
  • Reinforced palm area for extra protection
  • Made from 100% Goatskin Leather

If you’ve spent time with overgrown rose bushes, you know how valuable thick gloves can be. The top quality goatskin leather can’t be beaten when it comes to protecting delicate skin.


  • Not fully water resistant
  • Not the best for Extremely sharp thorns
  • Quality comes with a price .They are not very cheap

A cheaper version of this gloves are: Cutter CW100 Goatskin Leather Men's Original Work Gloves

Watch a short video about this gloves and how they perform against rose thorns.

 Second in our list:

Briers Sicilian Lemon Thorn-Proof Gardening Gloves

Briers Sicilian Lemon Gardening Gloves offers you the thorn protection that is needed while gardening.

A nice Summery Sicilian lemon pattern will put you in the mood to go outside and start gardening with style.

Key Features:

  • Made from leather with a breathable material on the back of the glove for maximum comfort
  • Thorn Resistant
  • Palm protection
  • Reinforced suede protects your hands from thorns and brambles
  • Hand washable
  • Price very reasonable

The Briers Sicilian Lemon Thorn-Proof Gloves are designed to fit comfortably and help you tend your garden without injury from sharp objects.


  • Low water resistance
  • Briers Sicilian Lemon Gardening Gloves are supplied in a single size (8 Medium)

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In third place:

Briers Sicilian Lemon Garden Gauntlets

When it’s time for seasonal pruning, you won’t need to worry about the thorns if you buy Briers Sicilian Lemon Gauntlets.

To keep you safe from roses thorns the gauntlet style gloves is a must. The extended forearm helps keep not only your hands and wrists safe from thorny encounters, but also a large portion of your arm, protecting your clothing.

Key Features:

  • Made from soft real Leather  allows you a better grip on small objects.
  • Safety cuff  that provide additional protection for the wrists
  • Thorn Resistant - protect the hand from stinging plants, thorns and brambles
  • Forearm Protection- helps keep your wrists and a large portion of your arm safe from thorny encounters
  • Sicilian lemon pattern to add a little bit of style while gardening


  • What you gain in dexterity you lose on protection - Soft leather on the palm and fingers is Not the best for Extremely sharp thorns.
  • Briers Sicilian Lemon Garden Gauntlets are supplied in a single size (8 Medium)

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The best gardening gloves for rose pruning are made from leather, offering you not only protection, comfort and a better dexterity but you won't need to keep replace them.

Buy the right gloves from and go outside, enjoy gardening without fear of scratches and stings.

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